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BBIT- "Made in India, by Indians"
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Brain behind Cognition and Learning
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Neurocognitive Assessment for Learning and Development
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Understanding Your Brain Processes - Uplifting Learning & Cognition
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Welcome to BBIT INDIA

Brain-Based Intelligence Test (BBIT) is developed in India by a team of Indian psychologists. The BBIT measures two important clusters of cognitive processes – planning & executive functions and integration of information. A crucial singular aspect of the BBIT is that it enables teachers and curriculum developers to deliver programs to enhance the cognitive processes that form the foundation of academic learning, such as reading and math. At the same time, the test assists clinicians for the diagnosis of impairment of cortical functions as in stroke, epilepsy and traumatic brain injury.

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An IQ test born out of thorough research and greater vision by a team of eminent psychologists led by Dr. JP Das.


It distinctly analyzes the brain, and gives accurate directions to strengthen and enhance learning and cognition.


This cognitive assessment tool has evolved to measure and understand emotional deficits and plans to bridge the gap.
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Why Choose BBIT?

This assessment system is made in India by Indians for measuring and improving cognition thereby opening the door to understanding the mind.
Early detection and intervention

Early detection and early intervention of cognitive deficit related to learning difficulty is made possible through BBIT.

Two decades of research

BBIT is back up by a huge amount of research that spanned two decades and it has one of the largest sample sizes for standardization.

Cost-effective and relevant

This test has been developed by a team of eminent psychologists under the guidance of Dr. JP Das, and is a non-profit initiative.

To measure Intelligence Quotient (IQ) of individuals between age group of 5 years to 20 years.

To diagnose impairment of cortical functions as in Stroke, Epilepsy and Traumatic Brain Injury.

To evaluate Cognitive impairments responsible for reading, comprehension and math difficulties among school going population.