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Two decades ago we asked ourselves a few questions – How can human intelligence be understood? Is it the ability to learn new ways of solving problems? Is it the cumulative knowledge of the world we have been acquiring through our lives? Or is it both? What about spatial ability, perceptual speed and inductive reasoning?
The answer lies in a reliable, validated and standardized test capable of accurately assessing human intelligence. BBIT is born out of a passion to find the answer, unmatched in scope and power, that represents a major advance in understanding how our brain works.
Our Vision

Who We Are

"It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows."

BBIT is a brain based approach which gives us more than (IQ). BBIT reframes Intelligence as an integration of biology and cognitive processes. We know that intelligence is sensitive to learning, and the brain changes itself. Traditional IQ tests may believe that IQ is fixed. “A brain-based approach not only relates to how intelligence works, but also opens the door to understanding the mind and hence consciousness.
The ultimate goal of intelligence is to form a better view of self that gives meaning to an individual’s existence.” BBIT is used wherever levels of intellectual ability needs to be measured, including intellectually challenged at one end and high ability gifted individuals on other. This is also a tool for evaluation of Reading ,Comprehension & Math difficulties. In addition, its tests assist clinicians for diagnosis of impairment of cortical functions as in Stroke, Epilepsy, and Traumatic brain injury. Age range for this test is 5 years to 20 years, which makes it viable.
Early detection and intervention

Early detection and early intervention of cognitive deficit related to learning difficulty is made possible through BBIT.

Two decades of research

BBIT is back up by a huge amount of research that spanned two decades and it has one of the largest sample sizes for standardization.

Cost-effective and relevant

This test has been developed by a team of eminent psychologists under the guidance of Dr. JP Das, and is a non-profit initiative.